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Lake Carezza - The Pearl Of Dolomites

The Karersee is located in South Tyrol Italy and is considered one of the most beautiful of the many Alpine lakes. The lake lies in the western Dolomites, about 25 kilometers from Bolzano at an altitude of 1,520 metres. Lake Carezza is the most beautiful lake in the Alps, because its reflection of the Rosengarten creates massive twinkles on the surface like jewels sparkling in the sun. Legend has it that a magician smashed the rainbow he had created to seduce a mermaid into the lake, sending lovely colors tumbling into the water. The chirping birds loved listening to the water nymph, but as soon as they heard some strange noise, they would twitter nervously and fly around in fear. Thus, the nymph would have time to dive into the lake and disappear, and never came into danger

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